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A complete training video / “how-to” suited to a particular company’s product / service is developed, based upon notes provided by the client on what they would like to demonstrate or highlight, or based on a collaborative script written for the training. Training videos can then be divided up into several different segments for online use.  They can include actors cast by Major Video Inc, or a company can use their own employees and representatives on location or in the studio.

No problem! We provide cost-effective High-Definition (HD) business video production solutions, with quick turnaround times and final deliverables for online, television or other media formats. We serve clients in San Diego and CA states. Pre-Production, Production (On-Location) and Post-Production (Editing, Voiceover Narration, Animation, Music) needs are all based on your specific project requirements. With a push of a button your message is clearly conveyed directly to your target audience.

Need a sales presentation?

No problem! Your video can be directed to a mass audience or a single decision maker, and be just as  powerful! Remember: video offers the perfect solution to convey any message

How can you best present your company, capitalize on each market opportunity, and communicate your vision to the employees?


Need a safety training video?

Training/ How-To Videos?

How do you make all the right moves to keep up with this fiercely competitive game we call business? While there are no simple answers, there is a smart, time-tested, and proven tool that can support your strategy. That tool is a Custom Video Presentation. 

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