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Sales Presentation? 

No problem!  Your video can be directed to a mass audience or single decision maker, and be just as powerful!  Remember:  video offers the perfect solution to convey any message. 


No problem!  A complete training/how to video suited to your product/service is developed based on a collaborative script written for the training or demonstration. Videos can then be divided up into several different segments for online use.  They can include actors cast by Major Video Inc. or can be provided by you. You can even use your own employees, on location or in the studio. 

No problem! Filming of a meeting, speaking engagement, resume, training or demonstration, including short and long versions, spanning a single day or multiple days,we do it all.  We can help you best present your company or yourself, capitalize on each market opportunity, and communicate your vision to your employees. 

We serve clients in San Diego, California, as well as other US states. We provide video production service, voiceover narration, animation, music, custom titles/chapter stops, logos) based on your specific project requirements.  With a push of a button, your message is clearly conveyed directly to your target audience.

Video Taping & Edited in San Diego

Corporate & Commercial

Training/How-to presentation?



No problem!  We provide cost effective high definition (HD) business video production solutions with quick turnaround.  Deliverables can be in multiple formats including internet, broadcast, mobile device and other media formats.


No problem! We can show off the best of what you do.  Tell prospects about what you can do for them and why you are right for the job!